February 4th

February 4th

Today was a great way to learn about the feet and body. I went for a 49k walk around lake Thun with Chrigel to test especially my feet.
8hours 10 mins for 49k.
After around 35k I started to feel a bit of rubbing on the front of my foot, just under my toes.

The conclusion after discussing with Chrigel was, when walking on the flat, your feet have a different glide over the inner sole, creating more friction on the foot, depending on the sole texture and socks you are wearing.
So by having a more gliding inner sole, especially on long walks on asphalt, this can help to prevent blisters.
I guess I have to do it again to find it out : )  I’m happy to find these things out now rather then in a race.

I am a fan of Hoka shoes for the long flats because of their cushioning and trail running shoes for the mountains, providing more grip and stability. As for socks and soles I guess you got to do the miles to see what works best for you:)

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